What is an MD number?
    An MD number is a unique number that helps the warehouse staff correctly identify your package. We are not responsible for delay and lost packages if you did not provide us with an MD number.
What information do I need to place a shipping order?
    Before you place a shipping order on MillionDEAL, please have the following information ready:

    • Courier tracking number
    • Package details (item name, price and quantity)
Can I combine multiple packages in one shipping order?
    We allow you to combine up to 30 packages in one so that they can be shipped to you together.
How do I edit a shipping order?
    You can edit your shipping order after placing it as long as your package has not been signed and received by our warehouse.
My package has been delivered, but why has my shipping order not been updated?
    Your shipping order is updated 2-3 working days after your package is signed and received by our warehouse.
How long can I store my package in the warehouse?
    All warehouses provide storage for up to 14 days. Otherwise, we reserve the right to dispose of your package.
How are shipping rates calculated?
    Shipping rates are based on the weight, volume and destination of your shipment.
What methods of payment does MillionDEAL accept?
    You can pay for the shipping fees using any of the following payment methods:

    • Stripe
    • Alipay
What happens if my package is lost or damaged in transit?
    Claims for in-transit loss or damage should be submitted within three days of receipt. Late claims will not be accepted and the shipment will be deemed to have been completed.

    If a package is confirmed lost or damaged in transit, the amount of compensation is based on its weight (US$10/KG, with the maximum compensation not exceeding US$100), and the shipping fee is not refunded.

    However, if you purchased our shipping insurance, the amount of compensation will be 120% of the declared value, but the shipping fee will still not be refunded.
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Korchina complies with the country's applicable export and import control laws and relevant tax regulations, and prohibits any members' orders to deal with illegal product or activities. The Member represents and warrants that he/she is responsible for complying with custom clearance result according to the applicable regulations of the countries in which import and export take place.

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